What Is Hair Conditioning Water?

20th Feb 2024

Hair conditioning water is the perfect balance of hydrating, and conditioning hair care that doesn’t weigh your hair down. Wondering what hair conditioning water is, whether it’s for you? Here’s everything you need to know about hair conditioning waters and how they work.

What is hair conditioning water and what does it do?

Hair conditioning water - also sometimes just known as “hair water”- is a hair care product that blends water and moisturising, hydrating ingredients. It’s more lightweight than a leave-in or regular hair conditioner and doesn’t leave a heavy or greasy residue, while still dealing with flyaways and dry hair. They’re suitable for all hair types too.

They also work particularly well to treat damaged hair, as the technology that hair waters use goes straight to the damaged areas of your hair first. They also penetrate deeply and quickly so that you get results in less time. This means less build-up on the hair, which keeps your hair looking shinier and feeling cleaner for longer - especially if you choose silicone-free hair water. It’s a great product if you have damaged hair from heat, bleach or styling, as well as hair that needs a little extra volume.

Hair conditioning waters are usually a spray, mist or liquid that you apply directly to your hair. It feels like water when you’re adding it to your hair, but quickly starts to feel more like a lightweight conditioner on the hair. It works straight away and can be used as a quick and convenient way to refresh and hydrate your hair between washes or to add moisture before styling. However, you can use it to replace the conditioner in your usual wash.

How does hair conditioning water work?

Hair water started out as a professional product that was developed for salon use only. This quickly changed as people started to realise the benefits of using a hair conditioning water in their regular routine.

Hair conditioning water deposits ingredients like proteins, acids and moisturisers into the hair cuticle. This helps to condition, hydrate and smooth while leaving the hair shiny and weightless. It penetrates faster and more effectively than cream conditioners. This means it’s just as good for thick and dry hair as it is for fine hair that’s in need of volume. The conditioning ingredients work in seconds to leave you with soft, silky shiny hair

How to use hair conditioning water

Hair conditioning water is seriously easy to use as a rinse-out treatment. Start by choosing the right hair conditioning water for your hair, as some have more hydrating, detangling or shine-enhancing ingredients. Then simply apply your hair conditioning water from the mid-lengths down. Wait a few seconds and rinse out.

No need to leave on your hair for a while. If your hair’s really dry (or you’re having an “everything shower”), you might want to follow up with your normal conditioner but you don’t normally need to. Especially if you have oily hair.

Then, just style your hair as usual. Hair water can be used daily, or as often as you need to wash or refresh your hair. It’s definitely one to add to your daily routine.

Our hair conditioning water, The Liquid, contains an oat peptide to moisturise, and sodium to help hair attract and retain added moisture, along with our amazing Colour Protect Complex that helps protect hair colour from fading and helps protect hair against heat and free radical damage. Suitable for all types, use in your normal hair care routine to keep your hair hydrated without weighing it down.

Just like the rest of our products, The Liquid is sulphate free, and uses natural, effective ingredients that are ethically and sustainably sourced. It is also silicone free and smells amazing thanks to organic orange peel and cinnamon oils.