Who We Are

Who We Are

FFØR was built from our philosophy of haircare without compromise.

Luxury vegan haircare, enriched with honesty and sustainability. Expertly developed and thoughtfully sourced, our products elevate natural beauty beyond boundaries and stereotypes. But our story goes further; making movements that will positively impact the future of people and the planet. BEYØND HAIR.


The world of sustainability is complex, but we have one key goal – to protect the future of our planet as well as hair. We care for our people and our planet and want to create beautiful, natural hair without harming the earth. By using certified vegan & cruelty free ingredients we create inspired, innovative, and effective haircare formulas that have the highest respect for the environment. We choose Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastics over virgin plastics to create 100% recyclable bottles and jars to limit our impact. We keep bees at FFØR HQ to help support the biodiversity of the planet through pollination and support of nature’s lifecycle. But this is only the beginning. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and our conscious and considered approach allows us to be sustainably responsible in all we do, remaining focused on giving back to the planet and those who need it most.


Ethical Sourcing

Expertly and thoughtfully developed, we consider every ingredient that goes into our products so that only the most essential materials touch your hair and scalp. We’ve worked devotedly to create exceptional haircare that helps to encourage hair professionals to practice sustainably and ethically, without ever compromising on quality or results. We choose to work with suppliers who share our values and beliefs, working with them to source ingredients that are of the highest quality and purity and that are obtained with the greatest respect for the environment.



We believe in elevating natural beauty beyond boundaries and stereotypes, empowering a movement of self-confidence & encouraging self-expression, to nourish and elevate the hair, happiness, and wellbeing of our community. Considering anyone and every one, our products suit all hair types and styles, because we believe there is beauty in difference and because hair and self-confidence shouldn’t be confined.


Always Learning

We’re not perfect, but we’re getting there, learning along the way, and striving for improvement with every step. And we encourage and & support our community of exceptional hair professionals to do the same. We pride ourselves in the relationships we have with this community who work their magic to make sure you walk out of their salon filled with happiness and confidence. Supporting their personal growth and development is as important as our own, and through in-person and online learning we are helping create a community of experts.


Honest & Transparent

In a world of green washing we promise to be completely honest about our products and processes. We will always be transparent about what goes into our products and where we source ingredients from, and whilst we’re dedicated to sourcing the most natural ingredients, our priority is creating effective haircare.


Keep In The Know