Who We Are


At FFØR we strived to create a haircare range that would create professional, beautiful results whilst remaining ethical along the way.

Fusing nature with science we have created formulas that deliver, whilst reducing our environmental footprint and banishing gender stereotypes. It’s a philosophy we hold true, and lives within our name which stands for Free From | Original | Real. We can proudly say that we are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, gluten free and formulated without the use of sulfates, mineral oil and synthetic fragrances. We aim to champion sustainability and change behaviour within the hairdressing industry without compromising creativity, innovation and exceptional hair. All the while living by our ethos to:

Sustainably Packaged

We house our products in carefully considered packaging consisting of fully recyclable bottles, jars and tubes made from up to 100% post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR). Using PCR plastic provides a 'closed loop' sustainable packaging solution. PCR Plastic is made from previously used plastic which can be widely recycled and then reprocessed to make new packaging. This not only gives plastic packaging a second life and massively reduces the amount of plastic waste in landfill and oceans but reduces the use of fossil fuels and carbon footprint. But it doesn't stop there, PCR plastic can then be further recycled again.

Clean Beauty

We believe in clean beauty, both for you and for the planet. What does it mean to be clean? At its core, clean beauty products are made without toxic ingredients that risk your health, and the environment. We have swapped sulphates, parabens, mineral oils and synthetic fragrances for ethically sourced natural ingredients and amazing natural scents without sacrificing your hair's hydration, volume and shine. We only use the best naturally-derived ingredients, so just because it’s clean, doesn’t mean it’s not high performing and luxurious. In fact, when you say no to harsh chemicals, you’ll notice a difference in overall hair health and quality. 

Ethically Responsible

Transparency and sustainability in our supply chain and supplier relationships are integral to FFØR. We made a promise to only work with likeminded, ethical suppliers who can provide verified information about their sourcing, and who share our values. By prioritising this, we have a clearer understanding of the impact we have on the community the supplier operates in, no matter how indirect. We can also ensure that we are only using the best naturally-derived ingredients, prioritising honesty and ethical sourcing to ensure their production is sustainable for the environment and healthy for you. We are PETA certified cruelty free and completely vegan, so we can guarantee that there are no animal products used in our range. Many do not realise that there are a surprising amount of animal derived ingredients commonly used in hair care, such as keratin, lanolin and caseine. We do not think it is necessary to use animal based ingredients when there are natural alternatives that create better and healthier results.

Haircare for All

Embracing reality, not ideals or unattainable hair standards, we are inclusive of ethnicities, ages, genders, and hair types for all – showcasing the natural beauty of diversity and what makes us truly unique. We set out to make our our products suit a range of hair types and styles, because we believe there is beauty in difference. We want to leave stereotypes behind, be mindful of positive and healthy beauty standards, and empower our FFØR family to be confidently authentic and be their true selves, positively embracing the power of natural hair.


We are committed to making a difference, from looking after hair to the Earth itself. We want to protect our oceans and stop the growth of toxic landfills. We want to nurture the wellbeing of everyone in the FFØR community. Fundamentally, we want to look after the planet and all it’s inhabitants, all while creating beautiful hair. That is why we want to identify and invest in partnerships that can help us in our movement for positive change. Committing to a circular economy of  “reduce, reuse and recycle”  we a proud to support our FFØR family in salons and have partnered with the innovative Green Salon Collective (GSC) and Recycle My Salon salon wastage recycling initiatives in the UK and Ireland. With a focus on helping our salons recycle their waste as well as educating them on environmentally conscious practices it was an easy decision to get involved! We’re also working with Plan Bee, and have two bee colonies that we look after on site at FFØR HQ! By doing this we are supporting 100,000 new pollinators and doing our bit to halt the global decline of the honeybee, a crucial aspect of our ecosystem.

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