The secret on how to repair damaged hair

18th Dec 2023

Repair Damaged Hair

Daily life, styling, and the products we use can all start to take their toll on our hair, leaving it damaged, dried-out and dull.

Want to know the secrets on how to repair damaged hair and how to restore your hair back into healthy, luscious hair that’s filled with shine? We’ve got you in our guide on how to treat and revive your tresses.

What can cause damaged hair?

Damaged hair can happen over time, or it can be the result of something going wrong as a one off (like a bad bleach experience or a lot of heat damage). Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common ways that hair can end up damaged, dry and in need of some TLC.

First of all, your daily routines can cause damage to your hair. Heat styling, harsh hair products and being rough when you’re styling or drying your hair can lead to split ends, breakage and damage.

The same goes for overloading on chemical treatments like colouring, bleaching, perming, or relaxing your hair. This can strip your hair of its natural strength as it breaks down the chemical makeup of your hair and breaks the bonds within your hair strands. These bonds can be repaired with the right routine (more on that later).

Some hair types are more likely to experience damage and split ends. Curly, coily or wavy hair can be more prone to damage and breakage because of the structure of the hair. Because natural oils can’t make it from root to tip as easily, your hair can feel drier and end up tangled or damaged. You might also have naturally fine or weak hair that gets damaged easily and needs some extra support.

No surprise, but a healthy lifestyle plays a part in having healthy hair too. If you’re getting enough nutrition, sleep and hydration, your hair will be stronger, more resilient, and less likely to become damaged. You still need to take care of it though, as unfortunately you can’t out-health hair damage from your day-to-day routines.

Believe it or not, the environment can also take its toll. Too much sun, wind or pollution can leave you with damaged, dried-out hair that feels brittle and susceptible to breakage. Protecting your hair’s, the key to stopping environmental stressors from having a negative impact.

How to prevent damaged hair

Just like with most things, prevention is way better than a cure. Ideally, you want to try and minimise damage from happening to your hair in the first place. Being gentle with your hair’s a good starting point - skip the vigorous towel-drying, brushing or handling of your hair (especially when it’s wet).

When you’re brushing be gentle and use the right type of brush for your hair to minimise tangles and breakage. Sleeping with a satin pillowcase can really help when it comes to damage control too. The same goes for getting your hair trimmed regularly, even if you’re trying to grow it.

Keeping your hair protected from too much UV and chemical exposure can help skip the damage too. This means rinsing your hair if you’re hitting the pool, throwing on a hat if you’re heading into the sun and using the right products to protect your hair from the elements.

Preserve and protect your hair from everyday environmental stress with Ultimate:Protection concentrate drops, the vegan plant-based formula acts as an antioxidant with peptides to protect against UV damage while adding strength and protection to your hair. This means less damage and radiant, healthy-looking hair with minimal colour fading.

Using the right products in your hair care routine is absolutely essential when it comes to preventing damaged hair. Using hair care that’s free from harmful ingredients, like sulphates and parabens, that can dry out and damage your hair’s and using the right products for your hair type can both make a massive difference.

How to treat damaged hair

Looking for the right routine for dry, damaged hair ? If the damage has already been done and you’re looking at how you can bring your hair back to life, there are a few steps you can take to restore healthy shine back into your hair.

Add a hair bonder

One of the biggest boosts for your hair is a hair bonder like the Re:Bond Mask. It’s a powerful leave-in conditioning treatment that’s packed with plant peptides to combat damage. It also helps to nourish, reinforce, strengthen, and protect your hair so it looks healthier, smoother, softer and moisturised.

The peptide proteins penetrate deep into the hair cortex and interlink with hair fibres to help increase the strength of your strands, without adding build-up to your hair, from the inside out. It also helps to protect from heat damage, pollution and UV stress.

Our mask can help to reduce breakage by 82% thanks to the Biostructural Protein peptides that we use. They’re vegan, cruelty free and plant based but pack a pretty big punch when it comes to turning back the clock on damage and helping to prevent broken bonds in the structure of your hair. All you need to do is apply a small amount to towel-dried hair, from mid-section to the ends. Leave for 4 minutes before drying or applying any styling products.

Use a protective serum

Re:Bond Serum is another peptide-packed protector. It’s botanically infused with bergamot and vetivert along with the RE:FFØRM Bonding Technology to help maintain, strengthen, reinforce and protect the hair’s structure. It’s light but naturally supports stronger hair that’s protected from free radicals, pollution and heat damage while helping to reinforce strength and shine.

It helps to prevent chemical and heat damage while dealing with the damage that’s already happened. It can make your locks way easier to manage too.

Getting the basics right

Starting your routine the right way is really important. You need to support your damage limitation by taking the right first steps in your routine. This means using a shampoo and conditioner that’s going to nourish your hair, as well as adding in hydrating, nourishing products that are kind to your hair.

Our Re:Nourish Shampoo and Re:Nourish Conditioner are the perfect pairing for moisturising and hydrating dry, damaged hair while protecting your colour and strengthening your hair from root to tip. They’re also both 100% vegan, sulphate free and cruelty free.

Finish with All:In Oil to reduce frizz while improving the condition and manageability of your hair, thanks to its organic ingredients and formula that’s packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to keep your hair protected.

What’s the deal with hair bonding treatments?

Wondering if you really need a hair bonding treatment or if your deep conditioners and DIY masks are enough? They’re both great for hydrating and temporarily repairing your hair, but hair bonding treatments get deeper to actually help fix the damaged bonds from the inside.

They’ve been specifically designed to strengthen and protect the structure of your hair by reconnecting and reinforcing the protein bonds in the hair shaft. These bonds are vulnerable to damage from chemical processes, stress, environmental damage and heat treatments, as they can weaken and break the bonds. This equals damaged hair, which is where bonding treatments come in.

These targeted treatments help to reinforce these bonds to support the structure of the hair that’s been damaged. This helps to reduce breakage and improve the overall health of your hair. You can use the Re:Bond Mask as a standalone treatment to reinforce and strengthen damaged or weakened hair for softer, smoother and stronger hair that looks better for longer.

Can you repair damaged hair?

Our bonding products have been independently certified to strengthen and reduce breakage by 82% after just one use. Prevention is way better than trying to deal with damaged hair, so taking steps to protect and strengthen your hair should be your first step.

You can improve the look and feel of damaged hair with the right routines and treatments, but sometimes serious hair damage can only be solved with a haircut. Understanding how to care for your hair and taking steps to reduce damage in the first place is the best option.

To prevent damage, be gentle, get regular trims, and protect your hair from UV and chemicals. If your hair's already damaged, a hair bonding treatment can go a long way to support, strengthen and repair along with the rest of your protective and nourishing hair care routine.

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