Unlocking Luscious Locks: The Best Products for Hair Growth and Thickness

16th May 2024

In the quest for beautiful, voluminous hair, many of us embark on a journey filled with trial and error, searching for the holy grail of the best products that promise to promote hair growth and thickness.

Fortunately, with advancements in haircare and a wealth of natural remedies, achieving the hair of your dreams is now more attainable than ever.

In this blog, we'll explore some of the best types of products out there designed to nourish your scalp, strengthen your strands, and enhance overall hair health.

Hair Growth Treatments

Hair growth serums have gained popularity in recent years for their ability to stimulate hair follicles and encourage healthy hair growth. 

FFØR Re:Gain Remedy is a natural hair thickening treatment that encourages healthy hair growth in areas where hair is weaker and thinning. 

Our natural formula of organic peppermint and lemongrass invigorates the scalp, promoting thicker, fuller hair growth.

Scalp Treatments

Scalp treatment
Bubble hair
Combing hair

A healthy scalp is the foundation for healthy hair growth.


Scalp treatments, such as exfoliating serums and scrubs and nourishing oils, can help remove dead skin, product build-up, unclog hair follicles, and improve circulation to the scalp. 


Look for products containing gentle ingredients such as AHAs and sugar or salt for gentle exfoliation, or sunflower seed oil and almond seed oil for intense moisturisation.


Our Purify:Scalp Cleanse is a moisturising, exfoliating scrub made from natural ingredients including sugar and volcanic ash. It gently exfoliates away impurities, keeping your scalp in the best possible condition for healthy hair growth and visibly thicker locks!


To get to the root cause of scalp issues, look for a specialist serum that exfoliates slightly deepter under the surface of the scalp. Purify:Scalp Serum is a lightweight pre-wash treatment that will exfoliate, cleanse and revitalise the scalp, whilst improving the scalp’s moisture barrier.  Using a combination of AHAs, this gentle formula effectively exfoliates dry skin, product build-up and environmental pollutants, whilst Niacinamide, Panthenol, Betane and Glycerine work in harmony to give the scalp an intense moisture boost.

Peptide-Rich Hair Masks

Protein peptides are essential for building strong, resilient hair so incorporating peptide-rich hair masks into your weekly hair care routine may seem obvious, but a lot of people are still unaware of their benefits. Bond-building masks can help increase the strength of your hair, prevent breakage, and promote thicker, fuller hair. 


Our Re:Bond Mask is a leave-in bond repair treatment packed full of natural Biostructural Protein peptides which form a durable mesh network, with targeted repair, to help protect hair against environmental damage and excessive heat.


The reason it works so well is because the peptides in this leave-in conditioning hair mask penetrate deep into the hair cortex and interlink with hair fibres, making each individual strand of hair stronger. It also provides additional protection from the environment and heat whilst intensely nourishing and conditioning hair making it noticeably shinier, healthier, more radiant and fuller.

Sulphate-free Shampoos and Conditioners

Sulphates are harsh detergents commonly found in many commercial shampoos and can strip the hair of its natural oils, leading to dryness and breakage. 


Opting for sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners can help maintain the natural moisture balance of your hair and scalp, resulting in healthier, more resilient strands over time. 


Look for gentle, hydrating formulas enriched with nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and argan oil to keep your hair soft, shiny, and strong.


Our Re:Vamp Volumising Duo contains our sulphate-free volumising shampoo and conditioner for fine hair!

Packed full of superfood ingredients, this set has been specially formulated with natural ingredients to maximise hair volume and fullness. And as with all of our shampoos and conditioners, they contain Colour Protect Complex and have added moisture retention, leaving your hair not just thicker, but healthy and luscious.


Achieving the hair of your dreams requires patience, consistency, and the right combination of products tailored to your individual needs. 


Whether you're struggling with thinning hair, hair loss, or simply want to enhance your natural hair texture, incorporating these top products for hair growth and thickness into your routine can help you unlock the full potential of your locks. Remember, healthy hair starts from within, so prioritize a balanced diet, proper hydration, and stress management alongside your external hair care routine for optimal results. 


With dedication and the right tools at your disposal, you can nourish your hair from root to tip and enjoy the confidence that comes with luscious, voluminous locks.


Take a look at our full range for fine thin hair.