Spring hair colour trends to brighten up your day

7th Feb 2024

Spring Hair Trends

Traditionally, spring is a season of renewal, growth and change. We associate it with new life, spring cleaning and nature springing into colour. With these seasonal changes, it’s also the perfect time to change up your hair colour and try out a new look.

Want to know the latest hair colour trends for spring 2024? Here’s our expert guide to the hair colours you need to know about this season, with tips from our experts.

Apricot Blondes

Pantone’s colour of the year for 2024 is Peach Fuzz, and that’s translating into hair colour too. Peach Fuzz is a pale peachy hue that suggests sorbet, blush, beach holidays and glowy sunlight, making it the perfect hair colour for spring.

When it comes to hair colour, apricot blonde is where it’s at. It’s a light, warm-toned blonde that leans towards peach and orange tones. It isn’t a bright ginger shade, instead, it’s a subtle wash of apricot-toned colour.

Our expert Mathew Watt, FFØR Ambassador & owner of Socially Painted in Edinburgh said: “To get the apricot blonde look, you’ll need to start with a blonde base. A temporary colour that adds a wash of apricot to blonde is better than a permanent, solid colour to get this colour for spring. Our Re:Bond Mask helps to strengthen and protect bleached or lightened hair, and the Re:Nourish Duo keeps your hair clean and hydrated - essential for chemically treated hair.”

Expensive Brunette

Expensive brunette is the opposite of a single-tone shade that you’d expect to get from an all-over box dye. Instead, it’s a rich, vibrant colour that’s made up of different brown tones woven throughout the hair to add depth. It’s called an expensive brunette as it gives the impression that you’ve just stepped out of the salon at all times.

There are thousands of videos on TiKTok discussing the expensive brunette trend and why people are opting for this colour. It’s the perfect example of a look that looks much more high maintenance than it actually is.

Robbie Angiulli, FFØR Ambassador & Owner of Sonté in Edinburgh added: “When it comes to expensive brunette hair, think shades of mocha and espresso with flashes of caramel and tons of shine. If you’re a natural brunette you can get this look with a mix of highlights and lowlights to add depth and richness to your colour.

“Shine-enhancing products, like the All:In Oil or the Super Shine Gloss Mist, are a must to keep this look looking expensive and polished, like the expensive brunette you are.”

Cherry Cola

Cherry cola hair is a gorgeous shade of red that sits somewhere between burgundy and auburn. It’s a darker, red-toned shade that usually has a dark brunette base, so it’s ideal if you already have brown hair and want to do something a little different.

Searches have more than doubled for cherry cola hair over the last year*, showing that this is a colour that’s absolutely here to stay this spring.

Mathew gave us some expert tips for taking care of cherry cola hair: “We started to see this deep, vibrant shade come back last year but it’s well and truly here for spring. It works really well for almost every single skin tone and is perfect for completely changing your look or adding something a little extra to brunette hair.

“Red can sometimes fade really quickly, so be prepared to keep on top of your colour, and use colour-enhancing products in your hair care routine. All of our products are formulated with Colour Protect Complex, which is kind to coloured hair and will help prevent colour fade.”

Buttercream Blonde

Buttercream blonde hair (also known as linen blonde) is a natural, creamy blonde with dimension and a mix of shades throughout. The aim is to look softly sun-kissed and natural, with warm and cool highlights that work across a range of different skin tones.

Instead of a single shade of blonde, buttercream blonde combines champagne, honey and baby blonde shades for a more relaxed and lived-in look. Think of it as the opposite to the bright, ‘90s-inspired Scandinavian blonde trend last year.

Here’s what Robbie had to say about the buttercream blonde trend: “It’s no secret that blonde hair can be high-maintenance. The good thing about the buttercream blonde spring trend is that the mix of colours can mean you can get away with letting it grow out a little longer.

“Blonde hair usually needs a little extra TLC, so choose protective and hydrating hair care in your routine - and if your buttercream’s looking a little brassy, it’s time for a purple-tone shampoo, like the Re:Move Yellow Shampoo to remove warmer tones. The Re:Nourish Conditioner is a must for hair in need of hydration.”


* data from search engine keyword research tool SE Ranking, January 2024