Save the bees, save the environment

16th May 2024

At FFØR, we are passionate about the environment. Not only are our products made from ethically sourced cruelty-free ingredients, and our bottles made from PCR plastics, but we are always thinking about how the sustainable fundamentals of ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ can be built into our daily routines.

That’s why our HQ is home to two bee colonies, supporting 100,000 new pollinators in our region. 

FFOR - Bee hives
Bee Information

Honey, did you know...

Honey bees play a vital role in maintaining the health and biodiversity of our food and ecosystem, pollinating 1/3 of all UK-grown crops, and up to 75% of all global crops.


-          Bees will fly up to 5miles to collect, forage and pollinate

-          A single honey bee can produce up to a tablespoon of honey in its lifetime

-          Bees use water to cool their hive, just like air conditioning!

-          Bees communicate by dancing

-          Worker bees (the females) only live on average 42 days in the Summer

-          Bees prefer yellow, blue & purple flowers


But bees are increasingly under threat due to climate change, depletion of green spaces and the growing of commercial monoculture crops.

That is why we teamed up with Plan Bee who offer beehive adoption, management & educational services to protect and grow the endangered honey bee population. The bees contribute to healthier, more varied plant and animal life and Plan Bee's idea is simple: develop beehives with businesses to help the honey bee population recover – one hive at a time, yay!

But that’s not all. Whilst our bees are happy and healthy in their hives, we have created our very own wildflower garden which helps provide the habitat they and other wildlife so crucially need. 

And you can help too...

Cultivate a bee-friendly space


Plants like lavender, sunflowers, sage and rosemary are all great pollinator attractors, whether you plant them in your garden or find a space for some pots on a patio or balcony not only will you have some amazing smells in your garden, but the bees will thank you. 


Keep them hydrated


Making a bee bath couldn’t be simpler; find a shady spot for a shallow bowl of water, filled with small stones or marbles, and refresh the water regularly.