How to Detox Hair at Home

31st Oct 2022

FFOR Hair purify ACV Cleanse bottle laying on its side with liquid drop

Sometimes, we all need a detox. Detoxing means ridding yourself of 'toxins' or unhealthy substances to feel healthy, fresh, and confident. We talk a lot about detoxing our bodies, but what about our hair?

With all the different styling products we put in our hair and the pollution we walk through every day our hair can benefit massively from regular detoxing treatment. Just like how we nourish our bodies with healthy foods and drinks during a detox, our hair can use some care too!

In between salon visits, there are many ways to care for your hair from the comfort of your own home. We've put together some tips and tricks for using our FFØR Hair products for a much-needed hair detox.


No matter what type of lifestyle you lead, your hair will be subject to various toxins from the environment and the products you use on it. Even products such as hair oils that can be great for your hair have the potential to create a 'build-up' over time or if used too regularly.

Our Purify:ACV Cleanse has been designed to detoxify the hair and scalp, washing away product build-up but not stripping colour or the healthy natural oils that your scalp produces. Perfect for scalp care.

Formulated with organic Bergamot and Vetivert, this cleansing shampoo is the perfect pre-wash purifying treatment to leave hair feeling like it's been restored to its very best state. Are you thinking of colouring your hair? Purify:ACV Cleanse is the perfect pre-colouring treatment to restore your hair.

If you prefer using a scalp cleanser, then make sure to check out our Purify:Scalp Cleanse sugar scrub, which will help exfoliate away any product build-up you might have. It is both gentle & nourishing as well as a great detoxer for your scalp.


Detoxing your hair can be as simple as switching to a kind-to-hair combo that revives and reinvigorates your hair. Take a long shower, steam away your worries, and renourish your locks with our FFØR Hair Re:Nourish Shampoo and Conditioner.

Start by massaging our Re:Nourish Shampoo onto wet hair, focusing on your roots. Our shampoo has been specially formulated to nourish from root to tip, replenishing your hair with essential vitamins, so it looks fresh and hydrated. It contains orange and cinnamon; two natural products known to be deeply moisturising and stimulating.

Give your hair an extra treat and follow up with our award-winning Re:Nourish Conditioner for optimal results. Our vegan-friendly formula will leave your hair looking smooth and shiny, and the natural fragrances will have you smelling amazing all day long.


Need to undo some damage? When shampoo and conditioner aren't quite enough to revive your hair, you may want to turn to a deep conditioning treatment or mask to detoxify your locks.

Our Re:Plenish hair mask is intensely nourishing for your hair. Its moisture-rich formula conditions hair deeply to ensure that no strand is left untouched; it'll help seal your split ends and protect hair from frizz and flyaways.

Re:Plenish is fully vegan and free from harmful chemicals. Much like some of our other products, its natural formula is derived from organic orange and cinnamon – giving it excellent natural restorative properties.


We believe in clean beauty. This means cutting all the nasty chemicals and only using natural and ethically sourced ingredients. Our products are fully vegan, and we never test on animals at any point in the manufacturing process.

Clean beauty is a key to detoxifying your hair. Using natural products on your hair instead of those filled with harmful chemicals will help restore your hair to its natural state.

If you have any questions about our products, methods, or ingredients, you can contact us, and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction.