Does the Sun Damage Your Hair

28th Oct 2022

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With summer (literally) coming in hot, you know that the number one skin-care rule is to slather on your sun tan lotion to avoid sun-damaged skin. There's lots of information about how the sun can damage your skin, but can the sun hurt your hair?

The short answer is – yes. Just like how the sun's powerful rays can damage your skin, they can also damage your hair. We've put together some of our best advice on both how to avoid and how to save your hair from sun damage.


There are a lot of ways that the UVA and UVB rays that the sun emits can damage your hair. It's important to be aware of the effects that the sun can have on your hair and scalp so that you are able to find the right products and techniques to combat damage.

Lipid Damage – The outer layer of the hair strand (the cuticle) is held in place and protected by a layer of lipids; natural fats and oils that play a vital role in keeping hair healthy, strong, and shiny. When your hair is exposed to high levels of UV radiation, this lipid layer can be damaged, and the result is dry, frizzy hair and an increase in the number of split ends.

Scalp Damage – It is important to protect your scalp from the sun, just like any other area of skin. While your hair is designed to give some protection, it is not always enough on its own. Sunburn on the scalp is not only painful and dangerous in it’s own right, it can disrupt the natural production of sebum, leading to dry, unruly hair. The best way to protect your scalp and your hair from UV rays is to cover your head with a hat or a headscarf.

Colour Damage – Did you know that the sun can alter your hair colour? UV light can act in the same way as bleaching your hair, lightening the colour whether it is natural or dyed. Hair that has been previously bleached will be more susceptible, leading to brassy tones in the hair and a decrease in the longevity of your hair colour.


There are a few ways that you can prevent sun damage to your hair. Most of these are preventive actions that you can take to minimise the amount of sunlight that reaches your hair.

Wear A Hat – an easy solution to the 'sun problem' is to stay in the shade. A hat offers a stylish and easy way to bring the shade with you. It also creates a barrier between your scalp and the sun, preventing any possible sunburn.

Avoid Heat Tools – heat tools are known to cause damage to your hair. If you know you're going to be out in the sun, try to avoid using heat tools as this will only maximise the damage. Try a natural styling routine instead – using heat-free methods will help to make the hair healthier and prevent damage from the sun.

Reduce Bleaching – as much as we all love some sun-kissed highlights for our holidays, one of the best ways to stop damage would be to save the bleaching for when you're out of the sun. The sun can alter the colour of your dye, leaving it brassy or reducing the longevity of your colour.


Fixing damaged hair is never an easy, one-size-fits-all process. If your hair is severely damaged, you should go to the salon for professional advice. However, if you've just got a few split ends or your hair is lacking moisture, we have a few key recommendations that can help to revive your locks:

Use A Hair Mask – A hair mask can be the perfect way to give your hair some much-needed moisture. Our nourishing Re:Plenish Mask is ideal for deep conditioning and restoring some much-needed moisture after sun damage.

Condition Regularly – Upkeep is vital when it comes to healing your hair. Though a hair mask can help give you some instant revitalising, you'll need to keep up your hair care routine for the best results. Using a natural, moisturising conditioner like our Re:Plenish Conditioner, you can bring your hair's life back a little more with each wash.

Cut The Chemicals – When you have damaged hair, you don't want to be putting more chemicals on it. All of our products are naturally made, without sulphates, parabens, mineral oils or synthetic colours and we operate on the belief that clean beauty is best for your hair. You won't find any harsh or harmful chemicals in our products, and they're all completely vegan and cruelty-free.

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