How to get the best out of your curls

16th May 2024

Curls, waves and coils are beautiful but sometimes they need a little bit of extra TLC to stay healthy and damage-free. Curly hair needs the right routines and ingredients to thrive, as it can be a bit more prone to dryness and damage than other hair types.

If you’re looking to get the best out of your curls, here’s everything you need to know about how to take care of it, the best way to curl hair and what you need in your routine to give your curls some love.

Curly Hair - Brunette
Blonde Curls
Coil Hair

Hints and tips to take care of your curls

When it comes to taking care of your curls, there are some tips that’ll help you get shiny, healthy curls that are full of bounce.


Understanding your curl pattern


Understanding your curl pattern is important to take care of your curls. Curl patterns vary widely, and each type has specific needs and. Knowing your unique curl pattern allows you to choose the right hair care products and styling techniques tailored to enhance and maintain your natural texture.  Read ‘What curl type are you?’ to discover your curl pattern


Whether your hair is loose waves, tight curls or in between, understanding your curl pattern helps you to understand and work with your hair. 


Skip the sulphates

Skipping sulphates and other harsh ingredients is another essential for maintaining curly hair. Sulphates are harsh detergents commonly found in many shampoos. However, these detergents can be particularly harsh on curly hair, which tends to be drier due to its unique structure. All of our products are sulphate-free, so whatever your hair texture, you don’t need to worry.


Sulphates can strip the hair of its natural oils, leading to increased dryness, frizz, and a loss of curl definition. Going sulphate-free can help to keep your scalp in balance, leading to healthier, more defined curls with reduced frizz and more shine.


Hydrate hydrate hydrate


The natural shape of curls makes it more challenging for the scalp's natural oils to travel down the hair shaft. As a result, curly hair tends to be drier - especially at the ends - and more prone to frizz and tangles.


Hydration is important to enhance curl definition, reduce breakage and improve elasticity. It’s also the key to preventing dryness, flakes and itchy scalp, as well as promoting hair growth.. Look for botanical oils, protein and moisturising ingredients like shea to help to hydrate your curls.


Turn down the heat


Lowering the heat should be a priority with curls, as heat damage can cause breakage and dryness that totally disrupts your curl patterns and leaves it feeling frizzy. If you have to use heat, take it a little lower and use a heat protector followed by hydrating ingredients to take care of your hair.


Be gentle with detangling


Avoid aggressive brushing or combing, especially when your hair is dry. Instead, detangle your curls gently while they are wet and coated with conditioner. Use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers, starting from the ends and working your way up to prevent breakage.


Patience is key, as rushing through the process can result in damage and disrupt your curl pattern.


Curly hair cut
washing curly hair
Brushing curly hair

Say no to towel drying

Towel drying can mess with your natural curl pattern and leave you fighting with frizz. Traditional bath towels have a rough texture that can create friction against the hair cuticle, leading to increased frizz and breakage, especially for those with curly or textured hair.


Rubbing the hair vigorously with a towel can cause the curls to separate too, meaning a less defined and more frizzy appearance. Instead of towel drying, it's recommended to use a softer alternative, such as a microfibre towel to gently blot excess water from the hair.

Myth busting for curly hair

There are lots of myths and misconceptions when it comes to curly hair, and some of them are just wrong. This can lead to damage, breakage and curls that don’t look or feel their best.


Here are some of the most common myths we’ve heard about curls - and the truth behind the myth.


Myth: You should brush your curls to detangle and make it look more manageable

Busting the myth: Dry brushing can lead to breakage and disrupt your curl pattern, plus it usually leads to frizz. Instead, detangle your curls when wet and coated with conditioner to maintain their health and shape.


Myth: It doesn’t matter what hair products you use

Busting the myth: Not all products are created equally. Invest time in finding products that are designed to hydrate and support the needs of your hair. With curls you do need to spend a little extra time checking the ingredients list.


Myth: Cutting your curls makes them grow faster

Busting the myth: Trimming your hair regularly is essential for maintaining healthy curls and preventing split ends, but it doesn't directly influence the rate of hair growth. Hair grows from the roots, and regular trims simply promote healthier, more robust curls.


Myth: Curly hair doesn't need regular shampooing

Busting the myth: While curly hair may not need daily washing, regular shampooing is important for scalp health and to remove dirt and product build up. Use a sulphate-free shampoo to cleanse your scalp and hair as often as you need to. A scalp scrub can go a long way too.


Myth: All curls are the same

Busting the myth: Curls come in different textures, from loose waves to tight coils. Understanding your specific curl pattern and porosity is key to selecting the right products and styling techniques. What works for one curl type may not be as effective for another, so embrace your curls.

Building a routine for curly hair

Start out with a hydrating sulphate-free shampoo like our Re:Nourish Shampoo and following with a moisturising conditioner. Our Re:Nourish Conditioner has been made for dry hair, with a blend of botanical oils that are perfect for adding moisture back into your hair.


Follow up with our Pre:Curl Spray, a sulphate-free multi-functional curl spray that can be used for long-lasting definition without frizz. It’s a natural formulation that helps to detangle, separate and add definition with organically derived orange and cinnamon.


Or try our Pre:Curl Creme, enriched with coconut, marula and baobab oils which help condition the hair and glycerine which adds moisture. You’ll be left with defined, bouncy curls that aren’t weighed down.


If you need a little finishing touch, or you want to add shine, reduce frizz and boost your curls, go for the All:In Oil or Show:Off Leave In Conditioner Spray for a little post-wash pick-me-up