The Best Shampoo For Dry Scalp Is No Longer A Secret

18th Jun 2024

A dry scalp can be an irritating problem, causing discomfort, itchiness, and sometimes even embarrassment.

The key to combating this issue lies in finding the right shampoo for a dry, itchy scalp that provides moisture and relief without weighing down your hair or causing further irritation.

With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one for your needs.

In this blog post, we'll explore some top picks for the best shampoo for dry scalp, helping you nourish your scalp and achieve healthier hair.

Understanding Dry Scalp

Before looking at the best shampoo options, let's briefly understand what causes a dry scalp.

Several factors can contribute to this condition, including harsh weather conditions, overwashing, using too hot water, certain hair products, and underlying skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

When the scalp lacks moisture, it becomes dehydrated, dry, itchy, and prone to flakiness, leading to discomfort and sometimes even hair loss. You may only experience one or two mild symptoms if your scalp is only a little dry, but if severe enough, a combination of all of these symptoms can be quite uncomfortable and annoying.

If you’re suffering from dry and itchy scalp check out our blog on dry scalp causes, treatment and prevention!

Key Ingredients to Look For In Shampoo For Dry Scalp

When choosing a shampoo for a dry scalp, it's essential to look for specific ingredients that can effectively hydrate and soothe the scalp. Here are some key ingredients to keep an eye out for:

Organic Peppermint Oil:

This invigorating and cooling ingredient will help refresh your scalp and allow it to breathe.

Sunflower Seed Oil:

Your shampoo should also protect your hair as well as your scalp, and sunflower seed oil will protect your hair colour from fading and against free radical damage.


Glycerin is a humectant that helps your scalp both attract and retain moisture, helping it stay moisturised and preventing it from becoming dry and flaky.

Sulphate Free:

Sulphate free shampoos are perfect if you have a sensitive scalp. Sulphates can be harsh and drying on the skin so limiting your scalp’s exposure to sulphates and parabens will reduce the risk of further irritating a dry scalp.

Top Picks for Best Shampoo for Dry Scalp

Now that we understand what to look for let's explore some of the best shampoos available for dry scalp:

Re:Balance Shampoo For Dry & Irritated Scalps

Our Re:Balance Shampoo is a staple in our scalp care range and has been specially formulated to be the perfect shampoo for dry itchy scalps.

A nutritiously rich blend of natural, effective ingredients will calm your scalp leaving it feeling soothed, hydrated and refreshingly healthy, plus, as with all of our shampoos and conditioners it’s also sulphate free!

Available as a shampoo, conditioner or duo set!

Purify:ACV Cleanse

Our award-winning clarifying shampoo for dry scalp will gently cleanse and detoxify, washing away product build-up whilst preserving your hair's natural oils.

We recommend using this as a pre-wash clarifying treatment and following up with your usual shampoo and conditioner.

Re:Generate Shampoo

This mild sulphate-free shampoo has been designed to gently cleanse whilst energising, leaving your hair and scalp clean and hydrated.

Also available as a conditioner or duo set.


Finding the best shampoo for a dry scalp can make a significant difference in your scalp health and overall hair appearance.

By choosing a shampoo without sulphates and with lots of hydrating ingredients tailored to your scalp's needs, you can effectively combat dryness, itchiness, and flakiness, promoting a healthier scalp and luscious locks.

Experiment with different options to find the one that works best for you, and say goodbye to a dry scalp for good!

Discover our scalp care range, from gentle exfoliating products to giving your scalp a moisture boost, look after your hair from root to tip!