Best Hair Products to Restore Shine

1st Nov 2022

FFOR Hair super shine gloss mist bottle laying on surface with lid off

Is your hair looking a little dull and lifeless? A lot of things can result in a loss of shine; it could be from environmental factors like too much sun, or perhaps you're using products that are stripping the natural oils from your hair and making it appear duller.

Products containing natural ingredients can help you to restore shine to your hair by giving it some much-needed hydration and nourishment. In this guide, we'll help you troubleshoot your dull hair and suggest some of the best products to restore shine. Bring back your shimmer today!


A super simple way to enhance your hair's shine is to use a shine spray. Our Super:Shine Gloss Mist is the ultimate tool for giving a glass-like shine to your hair. It's incredibly easy to apply – all you have to do is spray it on to dry, styled hair and let it work its magic.

Super:Shine is infused with naturally harvested Bergamot and Vetivert which helps to target frizz and leave all hair types with a glimmering, glossy finish. Bertholletia Excelsa Seed oil also adds instant shine and leaves your hair feeling soft, supple and deeply nourished. The combination of naturally derived ingredients helps to create a product which is just as great for your hair's health as it is for its appearance.

Like all of our FFØR products, our shine spray is completely vegan, cruelty-free, packed full of natural ingredients, and packaged nicely in a 100% recyclable bottle!


Did you know that shampoo and conditioner can be some of the best hair products to restore shine? Using a nutrient-rich shampoo and conditioner helps to give your hair the nutrients it needs to get stronger, thicker and healthier. Healthier hair is naturally shiner – you can't get perfectly shiny locks if your hair is dry and damaged. Why not take a look at our:

Re:Nourish Shampoo – our Re:Nourish shampoo helps to cleanse the hair without stripping it of any of its natural oils. Its gentle vegan formula will help to enhance your natural hair texture and draw out the shine.

Re:Nourish Conditioner – the natural orange and cinnamon extract in Re:Nourish gives your hair the important nutrients & moisture it needs to be strong and hydrated – it'll have your hair looking supple and shiny after every wash. We're also very excited to announce that our Re:Nourish Conditioner won Gold at this year's Global Clean Beauty Awards for being the best natural conditioner!

Purify:ACV Cleanse – Purify:AVC is a cleansing shampoo which works to rid your hair of product build-up without stripping it of its natural oils. If you think your hair might be lacking shine due to product build-up, this helpful shampoo could be the thing you need to restore your shimmer.


FFØR is a completely vegan and cruelty-free brand. We're committed to using only ethical processes to create our formulas and are constantly taking steps to be more sustainable. If you have any questions for us, please contact us. We're always happy to help guide you however we can!