7 Vegan Foods To Nourish Your Hair

21st Oct 2022

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FFØR offers a complete vegan hair range, but what other plant-based friendly ways are there to help hair? Diet would be a good place to start because when you feed your body you are feeding your hair too. There are many scientific reports that suggest nutrient-packed foods can help bring out the best in your tresses. An added benefit of plant power is that vegan foods are usually full of these. So, if you are looking to give your locks a new lease of life, why not try incorporating these 5 foods into your diet?

1. Avocados

This bright green fruit is known for its many health benefits, from being attributed to helping your gut to your heart. With all its nutrients, there are countless ways in which avocado cares for your hair. For example, its fatty amino acids help hydration which leads to growth, strengthening, and preventing breakages. It is also rich in other hair-loving nutrients such as biotin and vitamins A, D, E, and K. There are lots of fun ways to eat avocado, why not help your hair by having some smashed avocado or even some guacamole and tortilla chips?

2. Almonds

Although this nut is small in size it is full of essential nutrients for healthy hair, especially magnesium, which is key for the health of each individual hair strand. When building a strand of hair the follicle needs magnesium to create proteins which grow cells. Therefore, having a good amount of magnesium in your body helps to produce strong and thick hair. What’s more, almonds can be enjoyed in many ways – from roasted almonds to fortified almond milk.

3. Nutritional Yeast

A favourite in the vegan community, nutritional yeast is full of what is known as B vitamins. One of the most popular B vitamins is biotin. Commonly known as vitamin B7, it helps to stimulate the production of keratin in hair which can aid in increasing the rate of growth of the hair follicle. Many enjoy nutritional yeast by cooking it through sauces and soups, or even by sprinkling it over other foods as a cheese alternative.

4. Legumes

Peas, lentils, and beans are all part of a food family known as legumes. Versatile in use and flavour these foods have one thing in common, they are protein dense! If you want strong hair, it’s indisputable that you need to have healthy amounts of protein. Legumes are a great vegan alternative for those who are plant-based and want an extra protein hit. In fact, most beans contain around 29-36% of the average person’s recommended daily value for protein. If you want to strengthen your hair why not try snacking on edamame, as it boasts an impressive 63% of your recommended daily value for protein.

5. Raw Cacao

Known as a superfood for a reason, raw cacao is full of hair-loving nutrients, such as sulphur. Whilst it might not be the most commonly known mineral to help with hair, sulphur has great benefits. By extending the growth phase of the hair, it enables the strand to be longer and healthier. This is particularly useful for preventing the appearance of thinning hair. Even better, raw cacao can be enjoyed in a number of delicious ways, from the powder form which could be used in hot chocolates to little nibs which can be added to smoothie bowls.

Nourishing Your Hair With FFØR

There are countless nutrient-rich plant-based foods which can help to replenish your hair. So why not factor a few of these superfoods into your diet and see how they work for you? If you are interested in other vegan-friendly ways to nourish and strengthen your hair, here are some of FFØR’s hero products for reviving your locks.

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