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Ethically responsible

We are PETA Certified, Cruelty Free and Vegan

Here at FFØR, we understand that veganism is more than just a dietary choice. We believe in this way of life because of how it truly cares for the world and its inhabitants. The cruelty free standard prevents the testing of animals, but we do not feel it is enough. We are PETA certified cruelty free and completely vegan, so we can guarantee that there are no animal products used in our range. We do not think it is necessary to use animal based ingredients when there are natural alternatives that create better and healthier results. From creating natural volume, hydrating damaged locks, to a complete vegan permanent hair colour range, we have designed products that can create any coveted hair style. 

Many do not realise that there are a surprising amount of animal derived ingredients commonly used in hair care, such as keratin, lanolin and caseine.

As they are derivatives they are not always listed on the ingredient list in their full name. Therefore, knowing whether a hair product is completely vegan can be quite difficult and confusing. That is why we ensure our products are 100% vegan and cruelty free. Ultimately, we prioritize making fantastic hair products that do not cost the earth. It is inherent to our values to be able to produce a sustainable range that is uncomprising in both quality and transparency. Therefore, our complete PETA certified hair care range is perfect for whether you are vegan or simply interested in making more environmentally conscience choices. After all, there is no reason why ethical solutions shouldn’t mean great hair.

Transparency in our supply chain

It is fundamental to us that our values encompass every aspect of our business, especially down to what suppliers we use. We have made a promise to only work with suppliers who can provide verified information about their sourcing, and who share our values. We understand that whilst we only use the best naturally derived ingredients, no person nor ecosystem should suffer as a consequence. 

Fair trade and supply relationships with farmers

One example of this is, the bergamot used in our organic Bergamot, Black Pepper & Vetivert fragrance which are sourced from Calabria, in the south of Italy. This natural fragrance is used in several of our products such as the Blow:By Blow styling creme, Re:Vamp collection and Purify:ACV Cleanse Shampoo. Our supplier has an extremely strong relationship with the farmers who provide us with the bergamot oil, which has been established over years. We have been advised that they have a 10 year supply agreement in place to ensure work.  Also the farmers are immediately paid for their work and the payment is always agreed at a fair price. Additionally, the farmers are trained on effective agricultural practices to help guarantee sustainable produce. Furthermore, every part of the bergamot fruit is processed and enhanced which results in zero waste. 

Transparency and sustainability in our supply chain and our supplier relationships are integral to FFØR

By prioritising this, we have a clearer understanding of the impact we have on the community the supplier operates in, no matter how indirect. It is important for us to do this so we can hold ourselves accountable as well as ensure we are always striving for better ethical practices.  

Our values 5/5:

our commitment