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World Environment Day 2020

FFØR Hair, June 3, 2020

This year World Environment Day (6th June) focuses on biodiversity and is celebrating the variety of plant and animal life we have in the world. With the ongoing pandemic we find ourselves in, it’s safe to say that society is becoming increasingly more aware of our impact on our planet, with many taking steps to make our world a better place. Why not take this opportunity to make some easy and fuss free changes to lessen your impact on the environment…haircare is a great place to start. At FFØR we utilise the best nature has to offer to create effective products that enhance and care for your hair, and are not damaging to the planet.

An important part of biodiversity is being conscious of conserving ecosystems. At FFØR, we are passionate about the environment and believe that supporting the environment starts at our own front door, so we have got involved in an exciting collaboration with Plan Bee.

Honeybees are increasingly under threat due to climate change, building on green spaces and the growing of commercial monoculture crops to feed the world’s population.

Bees contribute to a healthier, more varied plant and animal life, therefore, FFØR have adopted 2 colonies of honeybees that now live on site beside our team and it means we are supporting 100,000 new pollinator’s and doing our bit! In addition to the developing honeybee colony, we will be creating our very own wildflower meadow that will provide the habitat they and other wildlife so crucially need.

FFØR products are free from parabens, sulfates and mineral oils, Vegan, Cruelty-Free and we are always thinking about how the sustainable fundamentals of ‘reduce, re-use and recycle’ can be built into FFØR’s daily routine.

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