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Trying to go Plastic Free?

FFØR Hair, July 19, 2019

There was once a time when the hair care regime involved using lots and lots of different hair brands with lots of different shapes and sizes of plastic bottles that more often than not, ended up in the bin.

But these days, including their hair care regime, a lot of your friends are talking about how they are going ‘plastic free this’ and ‘environmentally friendly that’ and might be beginning to guilt you into getting in line and be doing your own bit to save the environment, without compromising on fantastic hair result.

You might be thinking, ‘how can just lil ol me make a difference”, though deep down, you also know a few things that you could do differently, the added bonus is that it is a nice feeling too!

It doesn’t need to be hard work either, we have a few suggestions that will help you in your eco-warrior hair care journey.

Shampoo and Conditioner

First and foremost on your mind will probably be the shampoo and conditioner you use and there are many forms and options these days.

Recycled (PCR) plastic or re-fillable bottles? What is the strength of the shampoo and conditioner?

If your hair needs very little product then it means that your hair will get a lot more washes out of the container saving the environment and your money.

We would also suggest checking that there are no other nasties in the ingredients as well such as our Re: Nourish Shampoo and Re: Nourish Conditioner.

Hair Spray

Did you used to use hair spray like it was going out of fashion? Do you have memories of using half a can of hair spray before going on nights outs (we do)!

There are a number of options including making your own using Sea Salt, if that seems like to much effort FFOR’s very own ‘True:Grit – Sea Salt Spray’ and ‘Full:Proof Finish – Strong Hold Fixing Mist’ has you covered.

Support your local sustainable hair salon

We are all more environmentally aware these days and there are more and more salons going green so at you next hair salon visit, ask your salon what they are doing to reduce their plastic and waste. Maybe look at the salons in the local area and find out if they have any environmental policy, even if your salon doesn’t have a policy or culture in place, by asking them you might begin some positive change.

In the future, FFØR will continue to provide guides on how to make your hair care as environmentally friendly as possible. Come back for updates or see hints on our social pages!

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