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Tony Le-Britton – An Interview with…

FFØR Hair, December 16, 2019

Introduce yourself and tell everyone what you do…

I’m Tony Le-Britton, an international hair and beauty photographer. I’m based in London and work with hair and beauty brands internationally to create beautiful imagery for collections and campaigns. I specialise in hair photography and have the honour to work with some of the top hair professionals in the world. I was also the photographer for the FFOR launch campaign.

What do you enjoy most about being a photographer?

From a creative point of view I love being able to express myself and a client through images we create. From a commercial view point, I love seeing my images add value to a brand and supporting the campaign in its success.

Who have been your biggest influences in your career as a photographer?

Most of my current influences come from outside of hair and photography.

What did you love most about the FFØR shoot and the images you produced?

I loved the entire shoot. Shooting this in the beautiful countryside of The Cotswold’s really allowed the whole team to be immersed and surrounded by the brand values which means everyone was aligned on what we wanted to create.

What’s your favourite product from the FFØR range?

My favourite product so far is the On:Point Clay Wax. I wear a hat the majority of the time but I recently attended the British hairdressing awards and used this here. It gave me the thick hair texture I love and also the ability to change and refresh the style throughout the night without needing to add more product.

Check out the Collection shot by Tony here and our BTS video below.

FFØR Haircare – BTS – Natural:Ø1 from Jodie Fraser on Vimeo.

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