How To Quickly Add Volume to Your Hair

4th Nov 2022

FFOR Hair two revamp spray bottles laying on plain backdrop

Hair density refers to the number of individual strands of hair on your head and is measured by counting the number of hair strands present in one square inch of the scalp. On average 2,200 strands of hair are found in one square inch of scalp. This means, the denser your hair is, the thicker and more volumised your hair looks & feels.

Factors that can affect hair volume

There are many genetic and environmental variables that can impact your hair’s growth pattern and volume, including:

1. Genes

Hair colour, texture & thickness is primarily determined by one’s genetics. Your genes can also play a part in your hair’s condition, growth pattern, and how often you create new hair follicles.

2. Stress

High levels of stress are often linked to hair thinning, slower hair growth, bald spots, or your body’s ability to produce new hair strands.

3. Hormonal Changes

Lifeless, thinning hair can also be the result of a hormonal imbalance. Events such as pregnancy, giving birth, or coming off of birth control can cause changes in hair’s appearance and texture.

4. Excessive styling

Hair damage caused by extreme heat, tight hair ties or not using suitable products for your hair type can have a significant impact on the overall thickness, condition, and shine of your hair.

5. Environmental Factors

Pollution, sun damage, and humidity have the potential to stress out your hair follicles and impact growth. To help combat the impact on your hair, it is important to choose products that are free from parabens and sulfates. Click here to find out more about the benefits of using a sulphate free shampoo.

At FFØR we have developed a range specific to targeting flat, thinning hair. Formulated with naturally sourced, sustainably harvested ingredients, this hair volumising range consists of a shampoo, conditioner, and volumising spray. This trio of volume-boosting products is fuelled by a powerhouse of superfood ingredients and is enriched with a blend of organic bergamot and vetiver. The following three simple steps will enable you to achieve next-level volume and long-lasting fullness for you hair.

Step 1:

Firstly it is important to remove any product build-up from the scalp. We would recommend using a exfoliating scalp scrub such as our Purfy:ACV Cleanse. Following this, shampoo & condition your hair using products that are specifically designed to maximise volume. Our Re:Vamp volumisng Shampoo is formulated to thicken all hair types and provide a boost in volume from the root to tip, while our nourishing Re:Vamp volumisng Conditioner helps moisturise hair from the follicles and provides a luscious finish.

Step 2:

Using a volumising styling product will help you elevate your hair’s natural volume. The latest addition to our award-winning care range Re:Vamp volumising Spray, injects volume and body, to give enviable fullness and movement. Our technical educator, Shu-Lan Cheung explains the benefits of using our new volumising spray: “For fuller-looking hair, Re:Vamp Volumising Spray is an essential part of your styling routine. Designed to give volume by plumping the hair strands without weighing them down, it smooths the individual strands whilst adding shine for naturally beautiful, volumised hair”.

Step 3:

When styling fine, flat hair it is important to create as much lift at the root as possible. Before you blow-dry your hair, let it air dry as much as possible to protect it from excessive heat. And don’t forget to use a heat protector spray, such as our Pro:Tect Smoothing Mist which won Best Heat Protector at the 2022 Marie Claire Hair Award. When drying your hair, flip your head upside down to create the ultimate root lift. Finally, section your hair and use a round brush to pull the hair up from the root – this will help you achieve incredible volume and a beautiful bouncy finish.


If you have any questions about FFØR, our products, or our ingredients, please feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to answer customer queries and give advice when we can.