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Save the bees, save the environment

FFØR Hair, July 19, 2019

At FFØR, we are passionate about the environment with our products being made as sustainably as possible. From the sourcing of natural ingredients to how the empty PCR bottles can be disposed of responsibly, we are always thinking about how the sustainable fundamentals of ‘reduce, re-use and recycle’ can be built into our daily routines.

We also believe that supporting the environment starts at our own front door so we have got involved in an exciting collaboration with Plan Bee. Honey bees are increasingly under threat due to climate change, building on green spaces and the growing of commercial monoculture crops to feed the world’s population.

Plan Bee is an organisation that offer beehive adoption, management & educational services to protect and grow the endangered honey bee population. The bees contribute to healthier, more varied plant and animal life and Plan Bee’s idea is simple: develop beehives with businesses to help the honeybee population recover – one hive at a time, yay!

Our research revealed that honey bees are essential to our eco-system and that one third of the UK’s food is pollinated by honey bees. With Plan Bee’s support, FFØR have adopted 2 colonies of honey bees that now live on site beside our team and it means we are supporting 100,000 new pollinator’s and doing our bit!

In addition to the developing honey bee colony, we will be creating our very own wildflower meadow that will provide the habitat they and other wildlife so crucially need.

FFØR’s association with Plan Bee will also give us the opportunity to learn more about biodiversity first hand. With Plan Bee and FFØR’s ethos, we aim to make a positive mark on the world.

We will be providing updates as our honey bee colony grows, including any limited edition honey-based releases. There’s one thing we know for sure, we will be getting a lot of sticky fingers so keep tuned in for updates!

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