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Naturally & Ethically Sourced Ingredients

Natural ingredients of FFOr products

Natural Ingredients

We believe in clean beauty, both for you and for the planet. And it all starts with our natural and ethically sourced ingredients.

What does it mean to be clean? At its core, clean beauty products are made without toxic ingredients that risk your health, and the environment. But just because it’s clean, doesn’t mean it’s not high performing and luxurious. In fact, when you say no to harsh chemicals, you’ll notice a difference in overall hair health and quality.

Clean beauty also means transparency of all the ingredients in every product. They don’t contain misleading or confusing buzzwords, and they never claim to be something that they aren’t.

At FFØR, we never compromise on clean beauty. Our formulas are free from harsh and harmful chemicals, swapping sulphates, parabens, and mineral oils for ethically sourced ingredients – without sacrificing your hair’s hydration, volume and shine. We only use the best naturally-derived ingredients, prioritising honesty and ethical sourcing to ensure their production is sustainable for the environment and healthy for you. Paired with our handpicked natural fragrances, it’s possible to reawaken your hair’s natural beauty with every wash.

It’s time to discover the power of nature. We guarantee the results will go straight to your scalp.


Natural ingredients of FFOR products

Natural Fragrances

We are free from synthetic fragrances.

We only use scents that are created from 100% natural ingredients from our trusted suppliers. For our range of enriching hair care, we’ve selected six natural fragrances including True Soft Woods, True Winterfeeling, Orange Spice, Peppermint Remedy, Bergamot & Black Pepper and Fennel Tea.  Everyone at FFØR HQ have tried, tested and loved them!

Woody, balsamic, powdery with top notes of lemon, orange, cypress and galbanum. Middle notes of lavender, geranium and rosewood and bottom notes with patchouli, cedarwood, vetiver and vanilla.

Oriental, warm, spicy, sweet with top notes of orange and clove, middle notes of benzoe, myrrh and anis.
Bottom notes of patchouli, vanilla and cedarwood.

An essential oil blend of fresh citrus orange notes and cinnamon leaf spices.

An essential oil opening with notes of fresh lemon and then onto the heart and base of peppermint.

This is a spicy woody fragrance enhanced with spicy black pepper, bergamot and lavender accords anchored in deep woodsy notes.

A herbal essential oil opening with fresh citrus to notes of lemon, orange and bergamot. It then leads onto a heart of lavender and fennel, while resting on a basil base.

Natural Beauty

Without realising it, so many commonly used words and actions can affect our relationship with our hair. Short hair is masculine, long hair is feminine, red heads are fiery and blondes aren’t the brightest. Society may see fit to categorise individuals based on their hair, but here at FFØR we dispel beauty stereotypes. Our products suit a range of hair types and styles, because we believe there is beauty in difference. We want to leave these stereotypes behind and positively embrace the power of natural hair.

At FFØR, we will be championing natural beauty using these three principles: 

Honesty, Inclusivity, and Mindfulness. That means embracing reality, not ideals or unattainable hair standards. We will be inclusive of ethnicities, ages, genders, and hair types – showcasing the natural beauty of diversity and what makes us truly unique. Finally, we will be mindful of positive and healthy beauty standards, because empowering our FFØR family to be confidently authentic is central to our ethos.

Part of being hair positive is dispelling stereotypes and supporting self-expression of every kind. So whatever hair type, texture, colour, or cut – our range of products can work magic on your locks, no matter your style. 


For hair that loves to by styled by hot tools and is in need of heat rescue, we’ve made our Re:Plenish Mask, Show:Off Leave In Spray and Inner:Strength Personalisation Drops to recondition and revive your hair back to life. That way, you can wear your hair as you like and never worry about damage. For naturally textured hair our Re:Nourish range , Pre:Curl Primer and Super:Fly Fix Gel will leave your curls and coils feeling nourished, bouncy and defined – so you can feel as free as your hair. If you’re struggling to achieve volume naturally and want to step away from damaging alternatives like extensions and heat styling our Re:Vamp range and Full:Flex Foam plump the hair follicle for a natural boost.

We want you to feel like you can rise and shine every day while embracing your hair’s natural beauty and every form of self-expression.

Because your hair always deserves your love, naturally.